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Lightning Protection Design Services

The design of your lightning protection system is an important part of your installation. A system designed correctly by our engineers allows us to identify what is required to install your system in-line with the current standards and specification set out in IS EN 62305. Thanks to our skill, risk assessment accreditation, state-of-the-art software and experience, support by our intensive training processes and ECSSA membership, we can work to reducing the visual impact of your Lightning Protection system and ensure that it is completed on time, on budget and with little or no disruption. A correctly installed lightning protection system performs the simple, yet invaluable task of providing a network of low resistance paths for lightning current to follow in preference to other parts of a structure. While the concept behind lightning protection is relatively simple, the requirements for proper installation are specific and often complex.

Essential System Components

A lightning protection system designed to comply with IS EN 62305 must include all of the following elements

  • 1. Air terminal networks
  • 2. A network of ground terminations
  • 3. Down conductors interconnecting the air terminals and ground terminations
  • 4. Interconnections with metallic bodies
  • 5. Surge suppression devices on all incoming power and communication lines

The first three elements serve to intercept, conduct and dissipate the main lightning discharge. The fourth element addresses the secondary effects of a lightning strike by limiting the dangers of the harmful current jumping or side flashing within a structure. The last element protects power lines and connected equipment from damaging currents travelling on utility lines.

Each of these elements is essential to ensure the most effective system performance. Failure to make proper provisions for any of these five elements can result in inadequate protection. Our aim is to provide maximum protection with a system installed as discreetly as possible minimising the visual impact it may have on your structure.

Whether it a New or Existing building our designers are here to help. Please contact us for your free no obligation quotation.