With many years of experience of designing and installing Lightning Protection solutions throughout Ireland, our experienced installation engineers can install systems on a wide variety of buildings and structures – Whether it be a Domestic, Commercial or Historic building our systems are designed and installed to the highest standards and comply with the current standards and specification set out in I.S. EN 62305. A lightning protection installation can range from a Class I, II, III & IV and in brief consists of an Air-terminal Network, Down Conductors and Earth Terminations.

Lightning Protection Installation Services:

Air-terminal Network:

The air-terminal network is a grid section installed at roof level forming a faraday cage with cross bonding to all extraneous metalwork, roof mounted plant and potential strike points. Where practical metallic roof coverings can be utilised as a natural conductor therefore eliminating the need for a roof mounted air terminal network.

Down Conductors:

Down conductors are interconnected to the air-terminal network and give the current a safe path to the earth terminations in the event of a lightning strike. Where practical structural steel and reinforcing bars can be utilised as a natural conductor therefore eliminating the need for an externally fitted tapes.

Earth Termination:

The earth terminations are connected to the down conductors and are a vital part of the lightning protection system as they disperse the current into the ground safely in the event of a lightning strike.

The standard that relates to such protection states an earth location when tested should not exceed 10 times the number of earths of the system and a connected system should not exceed the maximum 10 Ohms.

All new installations, remedial work, testing and inspections are undertaken by our experienced and thoroughly trained engineers.

As you might expect from a company with many years experience in lightning protection, we are experts at working at heights.