Our company, Powercom Solutions, offers a specialised and personal service for the installation of Lightning Protection and Earthing systems working on projects throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our management has over 25 years experience in the Lightning protection and Earthing industry.

Our aim is to offer the most cost-effective Lightning protection and Earthing system to our clients with no hidden additional costs.

We are pleased to offer our services for the design of Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems for your company and we offer advice to consultants totally free of charge.

We offer our clients a complete service ranging from:

- Risk assessments to determine if a Lightning protection system is required.

- Design, installation and on-site consultation for Lightning protection and Earthing systems to ensure that they comply with I.S. EN 62305, BS 7430 & NF C 17-102.

- All installations comply with I.S. EN 62305, BS 7430 & NF C 17-102 in accordance with the relevant

- Standard of the code of practices. Safe access and methods of work along with client satisfaction are our prime objectives.

- Detailed risk and method statements are provided to clients prior to site commencement.

- We perform soil resistivity testing to assist in the design of earthing systems.

- Redesigning of proposed system, our company is proud of the fact that we can often offer our clients a cost saving by redesigning the systems issued at construction stage.

- Our Lightning Protection service provides all types of protection against the effects of lightning.

-Offering a fully comprehensive service, we design, install, test and maintain systems, as well as carry out essential repairs and maintenance.

- We offer a full maintenance package test and survey reports of existing systems, annual re-certification of existing Lightning Protection and Earthing systems as required by insurance companies.

- Provide marked up drawings providing details of the installed system.

Unprotected Structure

Protected Structure

We deliver expert structural and electronic systems protection solutions that conform to current legislation and in compliance with the Irish Standard I.S. EN 62305:2011 - ‘Protection against Lightning’; BS 6651:1999 - ‘Protection of structures against Lightning’ – NF C 17-102:2011 ‘Protection of Structures and open areas against Lightning using early streamer emission air terminals’- and BS 7430:2011 the code of practice for protective earthing and grounding.

The economic benefits of taking these protective measures speak for themselves. The cost of damage to the structure itself, its contents including any electrical installations, and above all, the safety of people within or nearby, should all be taken into account.

If you are unsure if your project requires lightning protection contact us by telephone or e-mail for a cost-free risk assessment to determine if a Lightning Protection system is required.

"Quality and Reliability Assured"