Surge Protection

IS EN 62305 (part 4) requires that surge protection must be included as part of a lightning protection system, to safeguard the building, and the people and equipment within it, from the damaging effects of transient over-voltages.
Surge Protection has become an important part of lightning protection, previously if a building had lightning protection it was assumed that it would be protected. There is evidence that a large part of lightning damage is caused by surge through the electrical system or indeed metallic services be it gas, water or television. Surge devices can now be included in the lightning risk assessment and can be tailored to suit all buildings. This allows protection to the devices that used to be damaged by a lightning strike nearby and indeed reduces the risk of physical damage and risk of death.

We can apply the IS EN 62305 to existing buildings by risk analysis and make precise recommendations as to what is required to achieve the latest standards. The risk assessment also allows us to confirm if the current lightning protection is valid and satisfactory. This allows many of our clients to approach lightning protection on a modular level, where lightning protection is in place we can advise which area is at most risk and prepare a schedule allowing the areas at highest risk to be rectified first. This is becoming increasingly insurance driven and our calculations can be used to demonstrate how the lightning protection is satisfactory and achieves the required standard.

We have used this software to improve lightning protection where buildings have changed use and the risk has changed. This is especially useful where the risk is increased by age or a change in the number of hours a building is occupied.

For outstanding protection against transient over-voltages, Powercom Solutions can supply all of your surge protection requirements, sourced directly from leading manufacturers. SPDs provide a cost-effective and best-engineered solution to ensure compliance with IS EN 62305 . Being virtually maintenance-free, and with repeated protection built-in as standard, SPDs from Powercom Solutions offer the best means of achieving long-lasting, cost-effective protection against transient over-voltages.

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