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    Surge Protection

    IS EN 62305 (part 4) requires that surge protection must be included as part of a lightning protection system, to safeguard the building, and the people and equipment within it, from the damaging effects of transient over-voltages.
    Surge Protection has become an important part of lightning protection Read more

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    Lightning Protection Testing & Maintenance

    Powercom leading the way in Lightning Protection Testing and Maintenance – Powercom Solutions recommend that all lightning conductors and earth grounding installations should be visually inspected and tested at regularly fixed intervals, preferably not exceeding 12 months, although we recommend …

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    IS EN 62305

    The IS EN 62305 standard reflects increased scientific understanding of lightning and its effects over the last twenty years, and takes stock of the growing impact of technology and electronic systems on our daily activities. More complex and exacting than its predecessor, IS EN 62305 includes four distinct parts Read more

Lightning Protection Specialists

Powercom Solutions is a specialist lightning protection company which strives to provide innovative and engineered solutions, which minimize the lightning risk, reduce equipment damage and disruption, and overall, provide a safer workplace, and in general a safer Ireland.

We protect both the people and assets in your organisation from a lightning strike, why not contact Ireland’s top Lightning Protection Specialist today ?